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The city of Budapest

The beauty of Budapest is at time even embarrassing.

The very first time I and my husband visited Budapest, we were fascinated by the beauty of its old buildings, and quite often we lost ourselves in the pedestrian streets of the city centre looking up to those magnificent houses.

Budapest is divided by the River Danube into 2 different cities:
The ancient and hilly Buda and the modern and frenetic Pest.

Buda is rich of tourists during the day, but desolated and empty when the sun goes down: this is a place just to visit and not to stay as there are very few bars, restaurants, shops and the few commercial activities are mainly for tourists, with a general low level of quality.

Budapest patrimonio mondiale dell'umanità

Pest is the pulsing part of Budapest, rich of activities and shops as well as the place where are the most famous Monuments of the city and best Art Nouveau Buildings, with the well-known historic cafés of artists: New York. Here there are plenty of metro lines as well as bus and tram stops. Numerous excellent restaurants, big permanent markets with fresh fruit and vegetables and supermarkets. This is definitely the place to stay in Budapest to smell the real Hungarian life.

La metropolitana di Budapest

For all these reasons, we have decided to buy and rent only apartments in Pest, in the V and VI districts: the very central districts of Budapest.

The 10 most important sites of Budapest

For a quick view of Budapest most important monuments, here below a short list of the 10 most important sites of Budapest you must see, with a note of our closest apartments:

1)Buda The Castle District (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Budapest Castle

2) Buda Matthias Church

3) Buda Fishermen's Bastion

4) Pest & Buda The River Danube (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
- Apartment Caruso
- Apartment Tosca
- Apartment Carmen
- Apartment Turandot
- Apartment Rigoletto

5) Pest & Buda The Chain Bridge
- Apartment Carmen
- Apartment Turandot
- Apartment Rigoletto

6) Pest The Parliament
- Apartment Carmen
- Apartment Turandot
- Apartment Rigoletto

The House of Parliament Budapest

7) Pest The Saint Stephen's Cathedral
- Apartment Opera Romantica
- Apartment Bach

8) Pest The Opera House
- Apartment Opera Romantica
- Apartment Bach
- Apartment Puccini
- Apartment Paganini

9) Pest Andrassy Avenue (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
- Apartment Opera Romantica
- Apartment Bach
- Apartment Puccini
- Apartment Paganini

10) Pest Heroes' Square
- Apartment Puccini
- Apartment Paganini

City park Budapest

For more info and advices, read the appropriate pages in this website or write to us and we will be very glad to answer to all your questions.

Budapest e la sua facoltà di medicina

Varosliget Castle


Memento Park
The Socialist Statue Park.

The Chain Bridge

Matthias Church

Italian Cultural Centre
Bródy Sandor u. 8.

The House of Parliament

Fishermen s Bastion

Ecseri Vintage Market

Heroes Square

The Saint Stephen s Cathedral

The Hungarian National Museum

The Museum of Fine Arts

Music Academy

The Opera House

The Castle of Princess Sissi.

The Castle District
UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Village of Saint Andrew.


Operetta Theatre

Big Covered Market

Vaci Utca
The famous pedestrian street.

The River Danube
UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Andrassy Avenue
UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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