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Nightlife in Budapest


If you are in this page is because you love the night life and you want to prepare everything, don't miss a minute of your time once you are in Budapest. Probably you know that Budapest is one of the most funny city in Europe. If you will be able to find your exact fun for you, you don't forget Budapest the rest of your life.

So after you have booked one of my apartments in Budapest you are looking for some good advices about nightlife. Read the whole page make good use of it. In the bottom of the page then you will find a map (updated daily from me) with all kind of entertainment divided by topic. Help you with the zoom buttons and look for the most entertaining, perhaps close to your apartment, where you can combine multiple different situations even in the same night. You can also ask me any information about it I'll gladly to help you to build your nights.

Budapest has a great nightlife: there is something to interest almost everybody and to fit all budgets. Bars and disco, pubs and historical places that can be chic or popular.
Before giving some more detailed info, let me suggest you to use a taxi to move around Budapest: it's cheap, quick and comfortable! But be careful: I suggest not to take the taxi along the street: they might be not regular and ask you a lot of money (in the better option). To take a taxi, I suggest to call a taxi company: For example Citytaxi is a good one, and they speak english: the phone number is 0036-1-2111111, the taxi arrives quickly and anyway you start paying the trip in the moment you enter the taxi.

Budapest Tempo libero 6

Young people in budapest like spend their night hours moving from one place to the other.

The places in Budapest that are full of life in the night are as follows:

Liszt Ferenc square
It's a square full of open bars, restaurants and café where you can drink or eat something comfortably sitting ouside. You can try a the at the Karma inside, in a very nice arabian room, or eat something at the chic Menza Etterem. Our accommodations closeby are: Apartment Puccini, Apartment Paganini and Apartment Opera Romantica.

Raday utca
Recently named the Soho of Budapest, this area of the centre of Budapest, close to Fovam Ter and the river Danube, is full of café, open bars, restaurants and wine bar where you can taste the typical hungarian wine. A young and informal place. Our best accommodation in this area are: Apartment Caruso and Apartment Tosca.

All around Saint Steven's Church
It's a new district for fun, where you can easily find pubs, restaurants and nightlife.

Baross utca
It's a cozy district for alternative people.

VII district
The triangle Octogon, Blaha Lujza, Astoria where you can find the best ruins pubs of the city.

Ruins Pub
These pubs are located in the very old buildings of the city centre, and they cover the whole building. You can have a beer and listen to the live music. From outside they look like normal buildings, so you need to know the exact address. The most famous is the Szimplakert in the VII district in Kazinczy street 14. Or you can go to the Instinct, in the VI district in Nagymezo street.

and more...

Night parties at Thermal Baths
During last times are occurring many night parties organized inside the most famous Thermal Baths of the city. Only in this occasion, they are open in the night on saturdays from 22 pm to 3 am. Man and women can enter together dressing the bath robe.

Operetta Theatre
Budapest, together with Paris and Wien, is well known for its operetta and musical. The Operetta Theatre is in Vi district in Nagymezo 17.

Cinema in the West-End Centre
In this very big commercial centre, in VI district, there are many cinema starting very late in the night and sometimes with words.

Budapest Tempo libero 7

Night Clubs not to go!

Some night clubs are dangerous: at the entrance they promis you free entrance and low cost, and after you are asked to pay high bills for nothing, minimum 500 euro per person for just a beer. And if you don't want to pay, they bring you to the nearest atm machine to take cash.

The following nights clubs are in the black list of many foreign embassies:
- La Dolce Vita in Október 6 utca
- City Center Club & restaurant in Váci utca
- Mephisto Café in Váci utca
- Nirvana (better known as Lola Club) in Szent István körút
- The Black and White Club (better known as Tropical Bar) in Galamb utca
- Fontana Cabaret in Vaci utca
- Piccolo (espresso/drink bar) in Párizsi udvar
- Flashdance in Váci utca

Budapest Tempo libero 8

The best places, during the week, are as follows:

MONDAY: Pub Morrison in Révay, 25 V district
TUESDAY: Szimpla Kert, in the commercial centre of Mammut, at Buda, in Moskva square
WEDNESDAY: Moulin Rouge or Peaches and Creamin Nagymezo, VI district
FRIDAY: Otkert, in Roosevelt tér, V district
SATURDAY: everywhere, thermal baths night party in particular
SUNDAY: Old Man’s Pub, in Akácfa street, in the VII district

Here below a map where you can locate the nightlife places in Budapest.

I have listed disco clubs, music clubs, normal pubs, pubs in ruins, live music, jazz clubs, casinos, wine bars (I have not listed the restaurants and cafes you will find them in the appropriate categories).
Below the map you will find a list of all the points of interest included in the map.

Ruins Pub.
Blaha Lujza tér 1.

Dürer Kert
Ruins Pub.
Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21 (XIV.).

Ellato Kert
Ruins Pub.
Kazincy utca 48.

Ruins Pub.
Akácfa utca 51.

Gondozó Kert
Ruins Pub.
Vajdahunyad u. 4.

Grandio Bar
Ruins Pub.
Nagy Diófa utca 8.

Ruins Pub.
Erzsébet tér.

The most beautiful -Ruins Pub- in Budapest.
Nagymezo utca 38.

Ruins Pub.
Blaha Lujza tér 1.

Ruins Pub.
Olof Palme sétány 3.

Ruins Pub.
Olof Palme sétány 3.

Ruins Pub.
Ferenczy u. 5 (V.).

Koleves Kert
Ruins Pub.
Kazinczy utca 37-39.

Ruins Pub.
Király utca 46.

Mix Art
Ruins Pub.
Mikszáth Kálmán tér (VII.).

Ruins Pub.
Zichy Jeno utca 17.

Ruins Pub.
Dob utca 15.

Paulaner Platz
Beer Station.
István tér 4-5.

Ruins Pub.
Csengery utca 65/b.

Szimpla Kert
The most famous -Ruins Pub- in Budapest.
Kazinczy utca 14.

Ruins Pub.
Tuzoltó u. 22.

The most central -Ruins Pub- in Budapest.
Andrassy ut 8.

Grand Casino
Deák Ferenc utca 13.

Las Vegas Casino
Széchenyi tér 2.

Tropicana Casino
Vigadó utca 2.

Toldi Cinema
Cinema Essai.
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36.

Cafe Zaccos
Arany Janos utca 27.

Captain Cooks
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 19.

Sports Pub.
Dohány utca 20.

For Sale
Vámház körút 2.

Liszt Ferenc tér 11.

Leroy Bistro
Risto Cool Girl Pub.
Alkotás út 53.

Living Room
Pub. Student Party.
Kossuth Lajos utca 17.

Sky Bar
Cool club.
Andrassy út 39.

Wesselényi utca 18.

Anker Klub
Music Club.
Anker köz 1-3.

Bed Beach
Probably the most beautiful disco club in Budapest.

Cactus Juice
Disco Pub.
Jókai tér 5.

Cafč Rio
Elegant Disco Club.

Club Inside
Disco Club.
Terez Kerut 55-57.

Coro Cafč
Disco Club.

After Hour Disco Club 4.30 - 17.00.

Disco Club. My favourite. Fashion place, full of nice girls. Free entrance..
Roosevelt tér 7-8.

Dokk Beach
Disco Summer Club.

Dokk Café
Disco Pub.
Lövoház utca 1-3 (Mammut).

Dokk Club
One of the best Disco Club in Budapest.

Disco Club.

Irish Cat Pub
Very nice disco Pub.
Múzeum krt. 41.

Club & Theatre.
Gerlóczy utca 4.

Club, open bar, restaurant.
Eiffel tér.

Morrison s 3
Disco Pub. - Közgáz - School Club Corvinus University.
Fovám tér 8.

Music Pub.
Révay utca 25.

Morrisons 2
Music Pub.
Honvéd utca 40.

Moulin Rouge
Disco Club. Full of young people and nice girls from Budapest. Nice people and good place..
Nagymezo utca.

Night party at Rudas Bath

Old Man s Pub
Disco pub. This is the most famous pub of Budapest, with music from the years 70-80-90. Age 25-40..
Akácfa utca 13.

Peaches and Cream
Disco Club.
Nagymezo utca 46-48.

Disco Club. 0-24.
Nagymezo utca 25.

Retro Disco
Disco Club. Very young people. Age 18-30.
Terez kerut 55.

Soho London
Disco Pub.
nagymezo utca 31.

The most famous disco in Budapest.

Disco Pub for easy people.
Goldmann Gyorgy Tčr.

Music Pub.
Zrínyi utca 4.

Sziget Festival
Nightlife area, the most famous music festival in Europe.

Budapest Jazz Club
Múzeum utca 7.

Live club.
Budai Alsó rakpart.

Columbus Jazz Club
Live club.
Vigadó tér 4.

Fat Mo s
Live club.
Nyári Pál utca 11.

Mika Tivadar Mulató
Live club.
Kazinczy u. 47.

New Orleans
Live club.
Lovag utca 5.

Live club.
Hegedu u. 3 (VI.).

Live club.
Eiffel tér.

Ferenc Puskás Stadium

Ferencváros Stadium


National Theater
Bajor Gizi Park 1.

Baross Utca
Nightlife area.

Kiraly Utca
Nightlife area, -Soho- of Budapest.

Liszt Ferenc Ter
Nightlife area.

Nagymezo Utca
Nightlife area, also famous as -Broadway Pest-.

Raday Utca
Nightlife area.

Wine Bar.
Szt. István tér 3.

Faust Wine Cellar
The best wine experience.
Hess Andras ter 1-3 (Hilton Hotel) Buda.

Casino a Budapest