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Historical cafés

Cafés and sweets

Well known for its cafés, Budapest is full of historic places that still maintain its old style.

We offer accommodations close to these famous cafés of Budapest.

Café in Budapest

The most beautiful café is for sure New York Café, recently restored. To better visit the Café, I suggest to take a glass of white wine for pre-dinner.

Another famous café is Cafè Central, in Károlyi street. Then, there is Café Angelika, at Buda, in Batthyány ter 7.

For the patisseries, the most famous is for sure Gerbaud, in Vorosmarty ter.

Budapest Cafè Gerbaud

The patisserie Hauer sells its products in Via Rákóczi.

The patisserie Ruswurm is in Buda.

The patisserie Zsolnay is inside the hotel Béke in Teréz korut, where the cakes are served on Zsolnay porcelain.

The patisserie Auguszt is a family-run business and its cakes are sold at Buda in Fény ut. 8, and, in Pest, in Kossuth L. street 14.

Very good are the products sold by the marzipan shop of Szamos, in Párizsi street.

Then, very famous for its cakes, even if a bit popular is JegBufe in Ferenciek ter.

A special mention to the Strudel House in October 6 Utca. The first strudel house of Budapest where you can enjoy in addition to the fabulous strudel, even fine dining.