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Fast Food in Budapest

If you are a tourist with so many things to visit in Budapest and so little time to spend: here's a list of fast food you can find in Budapest. However I will not mention the usual fast food, that you will find in all major tourist areas of the city.
This is a list of the best qualitiy fast food in Budapest.
So as soon as you rent one of my apartment in the center of Budapest, organize your itinerary and consider also where you will be at lunch time.
This is my personal rating, this is a ranking of quality, you will not see the classic fast food.
Fast food, but treat you at best.
The best Fast Food in Budapest
1° - Biang bistro
Chinese food
Address: Teréz krt. 20 (VI.)

2° - Pesti Burger es Bar
Address: Tompa utca 21 (IX.)

3° - Buja Disznó(k)
Wiener schnitzel
Address: Hold utca 13 (V.)
The best Wiener schnitzel in Budapest

4° - Montenegroi Gurman
Serbian-Montenegro Fast-food
Address: Rákóczi út 54 (VI.)
The best balcanic fast food in town. Now we are talkin about a quality fast-food because the meat dishes are plentiful and the homemade bread is absolutely divine.

5° - Komachi
Japanese Fast-food
Address: Kertész utca 33 (VII.)

6° - Funky Pho
Vietnam Fast Food
Address: Mózsar u.7 (V.)
One of the best pho soup in Budapest. Winner of 2013 Gault et Millau best fast food in town.

7° - Pizzica
Pizza take away
Address: Nagymezo utca 21 (VI.)

8° - Bors Gastrobar
Fast Food
Address: Kazinczy utca 10 (VII.)

9° - Belvarosi Disznotoros
Hungarian Self-Service
Address: Karolyi Mihaly Utca 17 (V.) - Király utca 1/D (VII.)
This is one of the most popular takeaways across Budapest. You eat standing up and making up the pot as you want. The meat is excellent, the service is fast, the prices are very fair. What can I say? It's perfect for a quick lunch.

10° - Bors GasztroBár
Soups and sandwiches
Address: Kazinczy u. 10 (VII.)

11° - Ring
Address: Andrássy út 38 (VI.)

12° - Mantra Masala
Indian Vegetarian Fast food
Address: Vörösmarty u. 31 (VI.)

13° - Bombay Express
Indian Fast Food
Address: Andrassy ut 28 (VI.)

14° - Biwako
Japanese Restaurant
Address: Eötvös u. 25a (VI.)
The best ramen soup in Budapest.

15° - Cserpes Tejivó
Milky Bar
Address: Süto utca 2 (V.)
The first milky bar in Budapest

16° - Csirke Csibész
Chicked street food
Address: Nagymezo u. 35 (VI.)
The temple of hungaryan fried chicken.

17° - Szeráj
Turkish Kebab
Address: Szent István körút 13 (V.)

18° - SzendZso
Sandwich Bar
Address: Frankel Leó út 11 (II.)
The best sandwich in Budapest.

19° - Sarki Fuszeres
Address: Pozsonyi út 53-55 (XIII.)

20° - Gyros Kerkyra
Greek Fast Food
Address: Eötvös utca 5 (VI.)

21° - Zing
Address: Király utca 60 (VI.)

22° - Finomító Kantin
Address: Varsányi Irén u. 33 (II.)

23° - W35
Address: Wesselényi utca 35 (VII.)

24° - 2Spaghi
Italian pasta
Address: Király Utca 13 (VII.)

25° - Arriba Taqueria
Mexican Fast Food
Address: Teréz körút 25 (VI.)

26° - BRGR
Address: Király utca 11 (VI.)

27° - Hachapuri
Georgian fast food
Address: Andrássy út 3 (VI.)
Modern fast food in downtown of Georgian food

28° - Marika Néni
Address: Angyal utca 28 (VII.)

29° - El Amir
Syrian Food
Address: Petofi Sándor utca 18 (V.)