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Breakfast in Budapest

What better way to start a day with a good breakfast.
In Budapest, you are full of choice: cafè Wien style or should I say Budapest style. So now you're trying to plan your itinerary after you have booked one of my apartment in downtown Budapest you are looking for some good advice and some good breafast places where to eat a good breakfast in Budapest.
In this list I tried to describe places that I prefer, I tried to do my own personal rating, the result of my experience.

At the bottom of the page you can find a map to locate breakfast places in the city.
You will be impressed.
Best Breakfast
1 - Deryne
Address: Krisztina tér 3 (I.)
This is one of my favorite spots in Budapest. It's a Bistro 1914 popular amongst budapest people, where the informal atmosphere and the taste are the masters. It serves the real French brunch, breakfast absolutely tasty, everything is fine, especially confectionery products homemade. The restaurant is also equipped with oven and it is curious that there is a selling point on the road for breakfast for a walk. It's a place of other times. Enchanting.

2 - Villa Bagatelle
Address: Németvölgyi út 17 (XII.)

3 - Centrál Cafè
Address: Károlyi Mihály utca 9 (V.)

4 - Ruswurm
Address: Szentháromság utca 7 (I.)
The cafè of the Princess Sissi

5 - Café Zsivágó
Address: Paulay Ede u. 55 (VI.)

6 - Mai Manó Café
Address: Nagymez? u. 20 (VI.)
A cool place in downtown.

7 - Gerlóczy
Address: Gerlóczy utca 1 (V.)

8 - Gerbaud
Address: Vörösmarty tér 7-8 (V.)

9 - Reteshaz
Address: Október 6. utca 22 (V.)

10 - A table!
Address: Wesselényi Utca 9 (VII.)

11 -
Address: Veres Pálné u. 31 (V.)
The best flodni in town

12 - Book cafè
Address: Andrássy út 39 (VI.)