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Relax, termal baths

Thermal Baths

Budapest is the first city in the world, for natural baths. With over 110 natural water sources, with a temperature varying from 21 to 78 Celsius degrees, Budapest is a big destination of the wellness tourism.
Many Hotels are located close to these Thermal Baths or offer inside wellness services.

We are offering accomodation close to the famous thermal baths of Budapest.

Here the most famous Thermal Baths in Budapest:

Gellért, in XI district, in Kelenhegyi út 4/6.
This Original Art Nouveau thermal bath, with its beautiful artistic mosaics and decorated rooms, is for sure the more fascinated Bath in Budapest.

Thermal bath Gellert in Budapest

Széchenyi, in XIV district, in Állatkerti út 11.
My favourite thermal bath, as the pools are for both women and men.
This is one of the biggest Thermal Baths in Europe. There is a coven section and an open air part. They are always open, also in winter. In winter, having an open air bath is really a unique experience, especially with snow! Don't miss this experience.

Thermal bath Szechenyi in Budapest

Király, in II district, in Fo u. 82/84.
This is a Turkish Thermal Bath, symbol of the grandeur of the Ottoman culture.

Lukács, in II district, in Frankel Leó u. 25/29.
This bath is Turkish too.

Rudas, recently rebuilt, this Turkish Thermal Bath is open on Friday and Saturday nights for both women and men, During the days, men and women have different pools.

Thermal bath Rudas in Budapest

Water theme park.
Íves út 16 (IV.).

Himalayan Crystal Salt Therapy Cave.
Mozsár utca 7 (VI.).

Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget

Gellért Thermal Bath
The most turistic thermal baths in Budapest.
Kelenhegyi út 4/6 (XI.).

Király Thermal Bath
Fo u. 82/84 (II.).

Lukács Thermal Bath
Frankel Leó u. 25/29 (II.).

Mandala Day SPA
Ipoly utca 8 (XIII.).

Rudas Thermal Bath
Döbrentei tér 9 (XI.).

Széchenyi Thermal Bath
The best thermal baths in Budapest.
Állatkerti út 11 (XIV.).

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