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Budapest apartments rent accommodation for holidays in Budapest. City center sightseen. City guide for your holidays in Budapest with Dunaflat.
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Hungarian food

Hungarian cooking and wines

The Hungarian cooking is mainly a fusion between the French, Austrian and Asiatic cooking.

We offer apartments close to the best Hungarian restaurants to taste the real local food.
The goulash, typical Hungarian dish, is not a stufato, but a soup. The Hungarian usually start their meals with a soup. So I suggest to try all their soups: they are very good, and cheap. Other typical dishes from the Hungarian cooking are: chicken with paprika, the home made stufati and fish from river water. Other typical dish is goose liver, cooked in all ways.

For the cakes, we suggest the crepe Gundel palacsinta and the chestnuts cream, annealed cake or túrós csusza and the Somlói galuska.

The wine too requires a particular attention. The Tokaj is well known all over the world: in the past, King Luigi XIV renamed it "the wine of the Kings". Very famous also Balaton wines, the Villány-Siklósi, Eger wines and the Sangue di Toro from Eger, better known as Egri Bikavér. You can taste these wines, together with tapas, in some wine bars in Raday utca. Our best apartments close to Raday street are Apartment Tosca and Apartment Caruso.