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Restaurants in Budapest

If you are here is because you love good food (like me) and when you travel you don't want to leave anything to chance. So after you have booked one of my apartment in downtown Budapest you are looking for some good advice and some good restaurant where to eat in Budapest.
First of all you have to know that recently for Vanity Fair magazine Budapest wins the award of world capital of food.

Where to eat?
In my restaurant!! and where else? I am owner of a famous italian restaurant in Budapest. I love to spend my free time there every day, so it could be a chance also to meet each other, why not?
The place is BELLI DI MAMMA - Pizza & Wine.
Belli di mamma is very popular in Budapest, we do the best autentic italian pizza and some other typical italian foods as well, with traditional italian ingredients that comes fresh from Italy every day.
So I will wait you: BELLI DI MAMMA, the address Akacfa utca 45 (VII. district). Say that you are Dunaflat guests and you will have our best treatment.
Reservation table +36 1 9513969 and I will reserve for you.

READ HERE some reviews on BELLI DI MAMMA.

In many restaurants in Budapest, on weekdays, it's usual to offer a cheap daily menu, that is not usually offered to tourists for obvious business reasons. Request it and you will receive an additional menu with special daily offer (in Hungarian language it called 'napi menu' (lunch menu)).
Here my list of favourites 'napi menu':
Launch menu ('Napi menu')
1° - Fricska Gastropub
Hungarian gastro restaurant gourmand
Address: Dob u. 56 (VII.)

2° - Bock Bistro
Hungarian restaurant & Wine Bar
Address: Erzsébet körút 43-49 (VII.)

3° - TG Italiano
Italian restaurant
Address: Ocktober 6 utca 6 (V.)

4° - Meataly
Italian restaurant
Address: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 35 (VI.)

5° - Krizia
Italian restaurant
Address: Mozsár street 12 (VI.)

6° - Mák Bistro
Gourmet restaurant
Address: Vigyázó Ferenc utca 4 (V.)

7° - St.Andrea
wine restaurant
Address: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78 (V.)

8° - Menza
Restaurant and lounge bar
Address: Liszt Ferenc tér 2 (VI.)

9° - Borbíróság
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Csarnok tér 5 (V.)

10° - Csalogány 26
Gourmet restaurant
Address: Csalogány utca 26 (I.)

11° - Két Szerecsen
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Nagymezö utca 14 (VI.)

12° - Börze
Hungarian Bistró
Address: Nádor u. 23 (V.)

13° - Klauzal café
Typical hungarian restaurant
Address: Klauzál u. 23 (VII.)

14° - Tabla
gourmet restaurant
Address: Dohány u. 29 (VII.)

15° - Bem Étterem - Sörözö
Typical hungarian restaurant with beer house. autenthic traditional food and very cheap prices.
Address: Bem József tér 1 (I.)

16° - Szlovák Sörözo
Hungarian-Slovakian restaurant
Address: Bihari János u. 17 (V.)

17° - Regós
Typical hungarian restaurant
Address: Szófia utca 33 (VI.)

This is my ranking of restaurants, suggested by my taste and my personal and private experiences.
At the bottom of the page you can find a map to locate restaurants in the city.
The ranking is divided between Traditional Hungarian taverns and Hungarian Kitchen 2.0, more focused on food lightness, modern cooking, a cuisine of excellence.
My advice is do not leave Budapest without having tried the Hungarian cuisine, but at the same time try to have a dinner once the excellence of the International Cuisine and if your journey includes a sunday please have the Sunday brunch experience.
You will be impressed.
Hungarian Kitchen 2.0
1° - Biarritz
Hungarian bistro
Address: Kossuth tér 18 (V.)
Historical Hungarian bistro, closed for decades and brought to light after the fall of socialism. Biarritz offers traditional Hungarian flavors and food. The restaurant is very friendly and informal. Certainly an original address, outside the normal tourist circuits.

2° - Bock Bistro
Hungarian restaurant & Wine Bar
Address: Erzsébet körút 43-49 (VII.)
Bock Bistrň is the restaurant of the historic brand wines Bock, famous throughout Hungary. It offers to customers generous portions of excellent local cuisine. The price is slightly above average, compared to what you can find around Budapest. You're not going to save money to Bock, but to eat a delicious Hungarian food.

3° - Kispiac
Hungarian bistro
Address: Hold u. 13 (V.)
Hungarian food in paradise. One of my favourite.

4° - Rosenstein
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Mosonyi utca 3 (VIII.)
It's a family run business Hungarian restaurant, the most complete of all Hungarian restaurants, the restaurant that everyone would like to find. Ideal for tourists, for anyone who lives in Budapest. Here is all good and the Rosenstein family is ompletely ready to help you to enjoy the Hungarian cuisine without customizations. The real problem is the lcoation, in fact it's located in a poor district of the city. Reachable by taxi.

5° - Fricska Gastropub
Hungarian gastro restaurant gourmand
Address: Dob u. 56 (VII.)

6° - Cafč Bouchon
Hungarian-French restaurant
Address: Zichy Jeno utca 33 (VI.)
One of the best hungarian kitchen of the city. Traditional food cooked in perfect way. Good taste of wine. Elegance and relaxin ambient.

7° - Zeller Bistró
Hungarian Restaurant
Address: Hercegprímás u. 18 (V.)
What can I say? Whatever you order you will be amazed. Quality very high with low prices. We are talking about a new generation bistro that proposes Hungarian cuisine revisits in a modern flavors. The staff is young and friendly. I do not see weaknesses.

8° - Borssó Bistro
Hungarian-french restaurant
Address: Királyi Pál utca 14 (V.)
New generation bistrň. The ambient is very nice and certainly offers elegance and simplicity at the same time. The Hungarian cuisine is revisited in a modern style and fused with elements of French cuisine. The dishes seem to have been studied with great care and balance. Certainly it is a place for gourmets.

9° - Két Szerecsen
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Nagymezö utca 14 (VI.)
Hungarian, international, fushion food in Broadway Pest. Here you can taste a new life of food experience, where most world flavours are mixed up for an excellent result. Trend setter.

10° - Menza
Restaurant and lounge bar
Address: Liszt Ferenc tér 2 (VI.)
Cool and trendy, the restaurant Menza was built on the site of the old refectory of the Terervaros district in the Socialist period. To exorcise the end of the regime, it opened one of the most fashionable spot of the city, also now it still on top. Cocktails are excellent and there is also an excellent food.

11° - Mák Bistro
Gourmet restaurant
Address: Vigyázó Ferenc utca 4 (V.)
One of the best gourmet restaurant in Budapest

12° - Csalogány 26
Gourmet restaurant
Address: Csalogány utca 26 (I.)
A modern restaurant that serves elaborate minimalist dishes. The portions are not for hungry people, but the quality of the dishes is superb. Suitable for lovers of new-concept food. If you order a la carte prices will be high. It's possible to order a tasting menu of 4 courses and 4 glasses of wines. In the days of the week you can have a cheaper business lunch menu.

13° - St.Andrea
wine restaurant
Address: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78 (V.)

14° - M.
Hungarian-french restaurant
Address: Kertész utca 48 (VII.)
In this restaurant there is a not table equal to another, and there isn't a table that gives security about collapse to the ground at any moment. The daily menu is written in pen on recycled paper. Certainly a restaurant to open-minded people. The cuisine, though it is true, accurate and of great taste. Hungarian and French traditional dishes, prepared with precision, wisdom and skill. Brilliant and unconventional.

15° - Art otel
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Bem rkp. 16-19 (I.)

16° - Macesz Huszar
Hungarian-Kosher Restaurant
Address: Dob utca 26 (VII.)
Modern Jewish bistro, cuisine of ancient memory, but restaurant young and trendy at the same time. This restaurant has everything to win customers. The dishes are cooked according to traditional kosher recipies, but made ??light by a touch of modernity which in this case can not hurt. It is a restaurant that was missing in Budapest, a place that transfer the wisdom of a kitchen never too appreciated. A revelation.

17° - Tabla
gourmet restaurant
Address: Dohány u. 29 (VII.)

18° - Borbíróság
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Csarnok tér 5 (V.)
The court of wine. This is the name of this unusual bistro near the Great Market Hall in Budapest. Here you can taste a cuisine light, fresh and modern and a limitless selection of wines. This is not a classic Hungarian restaurant, this is not a international cuisine restaurant. Certainly those are the ingredients of classic Hungarian tradition, but revised and assembled in a modern style.

19° - Börze
Hungarian Bistró
Address: Nádor u. 23 (V.)

20° - Kiosk
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Március 15. tér 4 (V.)

21° - VakVarju
Hungarian Restaurant
Address: Paulay Ede u. 7 (VI.)
Typical hungarian restaurant for tourists and local people.

22° - Apostolok
Hungarian Restaurant
Address: Kígyó utca 4-6 (V.)
Basic dishes of Hungarian cuisine cooked flawlessly. Suitable for a first approach to Hungarian cuisine. Located in the most touritic area of the city, which in this case (unlike others) does not automatically results like a poor quality.

23° - Ruben
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Magyar utca 12 (V.)
Elegant restaurant in downtown Budapest offering classic dishes of Hungarian cuisine at very cheap prices. The cost of meals not deceived: Ruben is a guarantee of quality and originality.

24° - Café Kör
Hungarian-french restaurant
Address: Sas utca 17 (V.)
The restaurant is very popular and busy every night of the week. Fast service and many fine waiters make make the service at the top. The dishes are classic Hungarian dishes. The daily specials are written on a blackboard for the benefit of those who prefares fresh products.

25° - Kóleves Stonesoup
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Kazinczy utca 41 (VII.)
This restaurant is located in the Jewish Quarter, and features classics of Hungarian cuisine and Jewish cuisine of Budapest. The restaurant is furnished in a very particular way, suitable for a young and creative people. The food is simple and valuable. The dishes are treated in detail and the flavors are well balanced. Certainly a place to be if you go from here. Good with respect.

26° - Spinoza
Hungarian-Jewish restaurant
Address: Dob utca 15 (VII.)
We are located in the Jewish quarter of Budapest and Spinoza here is an institution. Bistro, restaurant, theater, a reference point for the Jewish community of Budapest. In the evening the restaurant often hosts live music on Friday nights beginning at 19 is a very impressive evening of Klezmer music. The restaurant offers classic Jewish cuisine of Budapest. A timeless spot.

27° - Bagolyvar
Hungarian historical restaurant
Address: Állatkerti út 2 (Distric VI.)
Younger brother of the famous Gundel, shares the local cuisine with more well-known restaurant, a milestone in Hungarian gastronomy. Located close to the Heroe's Square, Bagolyvár retains original architectural elements and an atmosphere reminiscent of the typical Hungarian dining room. It uses a staff totally feminine. The place is regularly packed with tourists.

Traditional Hungarian Taverns
1° - Nancsi Neni!
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Ördögárok utca 80
One of the best hungarian resaturant. On the hill of Buda.

2° - Kčhli
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Mňkus utca 22 (III.)
Probably the most famous Hungarian restaurant of Budapest. It's located in Obuda, 20 minutes from city center. You can reach it by taxi.

3° - Fulemule
Hungarian-Kosher restaurant
Address: Kofarago utca 5 (VIII.)
Family-run restaurant serving basic faithful Jewish cuisine. Suitable for those who wish to explore in detail this aspect of endless Hungarian cuisine. The restaurant is located in the old jewish district then I suggest to reach it by taxi.

4° - Belvárosi Lugas Vendéglo
Typical hungarian restaurant
Address: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 15/A (VI.)

5° - Regós
Typical hungarian restaurant
Address: Szófia utca 33 (VI.)
It's a quiet family-run neighborhood restaurant where you can enjoy a traditional Hungarian cuisine, with no frills and no pretensions. The portions are generous and the restaurant is cheap. It's a point of reference for many Hungarian customers.

6° - Tokholy Vendeglo
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Thököly út 80 (XIV.)

7° - Csalanosi Csarda
Hungarian Restaurant
Address: Hídfo u. 16 (III.)
Autentic hungarian csarda

8° - Paprika
Hungarian typical restaurant
Address: Dózsa György út 72 (VI.)
A place definitely impressive, nice for an evening with friends. Good Hungarian cuisine and service is very friendly. A place for tourists but the quality is very good.

9° - Bem Étterem - Sörözö
Typical hungarian restaurant with beer house. autenthic traditional food and very cheap prices.
Address: Bem József tér 1 (I.)

10° - Szlovák Sörözo
Hungarian-Slovakian restaurant
Address: Bihari János u. 17 (V.)

11° - Klauzal café
Typical hungarian restaurant
Address: Klauzál u. 23 (VII.)

12° - Hungarikum Bisztro
Hugarian restaurant
Address: Steindl Imre utca 13 (V.)
Here you can eat the real Hungarian cuisine. Eating at this restaurant will be like sit at the table in a Hungarian family. The dishes will not be fine, they will not be remembered after a long time, but they are undoubtedly traditional recipes of Hungarian cuisine. If you are a tourist and want to have an easy approach to the Hungarian home cooking this is your home-restaurant.

13° - Pozsonyi Kisvendéglo
Hungarian typical restaurant
Address: Radnóti Miklós utca 38 (XIII.)
Full of hungarian people. Hungarian classic dishes, in a little restaurant. Very cheap rates.

14° - Zöld Kapu
Typical hungarian restaurant
Address: Szolo u. 42 (III.)

15° - Regiment
Typical hungarian restaurant
Address: Stefánia út 34 (XIV.)

16° - Csarnok Vendeglo
Hungarian Restaurant
Address: Hold u. 11 (V.)
One of the best hungarian typical restaurant in Budapest. You can taste anything!

17° - Fakanál
Hungarian Restaurant
Address: Vámház krt. 1-3 (V.)
The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Big Market Hall, which is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Budapest. Here you can find the main basic dishes of Hungarian food, cooked in an authentic and tasty way, like the Hungarian grandmothers. A must for those seeking to discover the real flavors of Hungary.

18° - Fatal
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Váci utca 69 (V.)
In the pedestrian street Vaci utca is a Hungarian restaurant, very noisy, which are served at the Hungarian cuisine and the giant-sized affordable price. Ideal for those who have never tried the Hungarian cuisine, and is looking for an informal place to start to taste it.

19° - Karcsi
Typical hungarian restaurant
Address: Jókai utca 20 (VI.)
This place is very well known and frequented by Hungarians. Here you can find classics of Hungarian cuisine at very cheap prices. The business lunch costs less than 3 euros. The portions are generous, authentic and of good quality. The best goulash soup in Budapest.

20° - Sir Lancilot
Hungarian restaurant
Address: Podmaniczky utca 14 (VI.)
It is a medieval restaurant, complete with waiters in costumes, play with swords and fire eaters. Hungarian meat cooked. You eat with your hands. Each table is equipped with a sink for washing hands. Suitable for a young guests.

International Restaurants
1° - Fausto
Italian restaurant
Dohŕny utca 5 (VI.)
The restaurant offers typical Italian dishes and products of the highest quality. The chef is italian. A restaurant that has nothing to envy to the best Italian restaurants. Expensive.

2° - Osteria
Italian restaurant
Dohŕny utca 5 (VI.)
The owner is the same of Fausto's Restaurant in Székely Mihály utca 2: one of the best restaurant of all Hungary. I suggest L'Osteria because is a cheaper experience at the same quality, you can taste good selection of hungarian and italian wines. Absolutely the king of italian food in Hungary.

3° - PomoDoro
Italian restaurant
Arany János utca 9 (V.)
One of the most successful Italian restaurants in Budapest. Meeting place for many Italians living in the Hungarian capital, it's also frequented by famous guests. It has a varied menu, excellent food quality, and the rich offer of wines. Ideal for dinners with friends. The owner always sunny and smiling has become over time a person well known in Hungary.

4° - Bottega di Brontolo
Italian restaurant
Wekerle Sándor utca 5 (V.)
The most authentic italian family restaurant in Budapest. Especially for Dunaflat guests the chef Alessandro gives will give to you his best welcome services.

5° - Meataly
Italian restaurant
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 35 (VI.)
The best italian traditional food in my opinion. My dear friend Giuseppe will help you to find the real italian taste.

6° - Okuyama no Sushi
Kolosy tér 5 (II.)

7° - Trattoria toscana
Italian restaurant
Belgrád Rakpart 13 (V.)
On the banks of the Danube is present for many years in Budapest, a Tuscany restaurant. Refined, good quality, good prices.

8° - TG Italiano
Italian restaurant
Ocktober 6 utca 6 (V.)
Excellent restaurant with view of the Basilica of St. Stephen. The talented Italian owner will advise you on the day's specials. The menu is vast, ranging from pizza to pasta, from meat to fish. Excellent value for money.

9° - La coppola
Italian restaurant
Károlyi Mihály utca 19 (V.)
La Coppola is a Sicilian restaurant that serves delicious dishes like stay in Italy: real authentic and tasty. The chef is Italian. During the weekday lunch you can taste a special menu with pasta dishes at a very budget price. The quality is outstanding and the portions are plentiful. A real piece of Italy in downtown Budapest.

10° - Da Mario
Italian restaurant
Vecsey utca (V.)
New opening Italian restaurants in Budapest. Refined atmosphere without excess, the food is good and the owner is always very helpful and friendly. An authentic Italian restaurant in the center of Budapest. Try the lunch menu, cheap and fresh.

11° - Krizia
Italian restaurant
Mozsár street 12 (VI.)
Very good Italian restaurant. Here you can enjoy the excellent quality of the Hungarian products cooked Italian-style, adapted with great knowledge. To be noticed the meticulous precision in details. Talented.

12° - Taj Mahal
indian restaurant
Szondi u. 40 (VI.)

13° - La botte
Italian restaurant
Vaci utca 72 (V.)
The best pizza in town.

14° - Pampas
Argentine restaurant
Vámház körút 6 (V.)
Marvellous steaks and argentine wines in a lounge restaurant in city center. Good selection of wines from Argentina and Chile. Do you want more?

15° - Iguana
Mexican restaurant
Zoltan utca 16 (V.)
A corner of the Caribbean in the heart of Europe. Pubs Mexican restaurant to eat or drink something. Cocktails and typical Mexican cuisine just a short walk from Parliament.

16° - Mongolian Barbecue
Mongolian restaurant
Márvány utca 19 (XII.)
It's a Mongolian buffet restaurant. Here you can eat all for a fixed price, menu starter is a soup, after a main dish and after that many kind of meat cooked on a barbecue. You can go on the meat buffet and take everything. Sweets at the end . I suggest you to go on lunch in a working day, it's cheaper and easier to reach.

17° - Salaam Bombay
Indian restaurant
Mérleg utca 6 (V.)
A few meters from the famous Chain Bridge, there is an Indian restaurant. Wide variety of traditional Indian cuisine in an modern spot. Patience and care of the guests by the manager make it a magical corner of the east in Budapest.

18° - Trattoria Venezia
Italian restaurant
József krt 85 (IX.)
Restaurant and pizzeria, which offers a decent quality of Italian products cookedi with care. It also provides some typical dishes of the Venetian lagoon.

19° - Hai Nam
Vietnamese Restaurant
Október huszonharmadika utca 27 (XI.)
Vietnamese food for asian people of Budapest

20° - Sao
Vietnamese Restaurant
Holló u. 10, (VII.)
One of the best vietnamese restaurant in Budapest.

21° - Ape Regina
Italian buffet restaurant
Podmaniczky utca 18 (VI.)

22° - Trófea Grill
Buffet restaurant
Király utca 30-32 (VI.)
Absolutely the best buffet in town, in a cool and lounge atmosphere. You can spend only few euros and you can eat and drink..everything. Reservation is suggested. It's always full of people.

23° - Caffé Gianmario
Italian restaurant
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 35 (VI.)
Restaurant and italian pizzeria. It s the meeting point of Italian community in Budapest.

24° - The Bigfish
Seefood Bistro
Andrássy út 44 (VI.)
A corner of the sea in Budapest. Practically you choose a fish and have it cooked on the grill in a simple way but always tasty. The products are fresh and very affordable prices. Try it.

25° - Il terzo cerchio
Italian restaurant
Nagydiófa utca 3 (VII.)
One the most authentic italian restaurant you can find abroad. Il Terzo Cerchio is a reference point for Italians living in Budapest. Good.

26° - Parazs
Thai Restaurant
Jókai utca 8 (VI.)
Best thai food in Budapest. Modern and fast.

Sunday Brunch
1° - La Brasserie Royale (Royal Corinthia)
French & Hungarian restaurant
Erzsébet körút 43-49 (VII.)
The best hotel in town that could not accommodate the best brunch you can find in the city. Frame of great elegance, impeccable service. Menu whenever reorganized according to the event. Also suitable for families due to the presence of a baby sitter in the room.

2° - Gundel
Hungarian restaurant
Állatkerti út 2 (V.)
Gundel restaurant is the most famous restaurant in Hungary. We talk about the restaurant where take all the the State's meetings. This restaurant has hosted the greatest personalities of the contemporary world by Pope John Paul II, all U.S.A. presidents, rock stars, directors and actors. It's an icon of Hungarian cuisine. The area is clearly reserved, except on Sunday where you can take part of the best Sunday Branch of Budapest and for this reason I also wanted to include this opulent restaurant among those of my list.

3° - Araz (Zara Hotel)
International restaurant
Dohany utca 42-44 (VII.)
On Sundays from 12.00 to 15.00 at Araz, the restaurant of the boutique hotel Zara is serving a Sunday brunch sober and taste. Suitable for families with children due to the presence of a baby-sitter in the dining-room.

4° - Panorama Restaurant (Gellert)
Hungarian Restaurant
Szent Gellért tér 1 (I.)
Old fashion restaurant with incredible panorama

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