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Museos en Budapest


The Statue Park
This is an open-air Museum containing the major statues and monuments from the Hungarian socialist period that were removed from the squares and streets of Budapest after the Communism fall. You can reach this place with a dedicated bus from Deak Ter or, for a more folkloristic and cheap tour, you can reach Etele Ter with the tram number 49 or 19 and then take the jellow bus Volánbusz towards Diósz-Érd.

The Aquincum Museum
This Museum is located in III district in Szentendrei út 139 and includes the remains of the old roman town of Aquincum.

The History Museum
Also known as the Castle Museum, the History Museum is in I district in Szent Gyorgy tér 2 and includes the archaeological discoveries of Budapest: from the medieval objects to the gothic statues and to the most recent symbols.

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The Military History Museum
This Museum is located in I district, in Tóth Árpád sétány 40 and includes a wide collection of old arms, uniforms, flags and coins.

The East Asian Art Museum of Ferenc Hopp
Thanks to the generosity of Mr Ferenc Hopp, this Museum contains his medieval art items from Japan and China. The Museum is in VI district, in Andrassy ut 103.

The Applied Arts Museum
Located in IX district, in Ulloi út 33-37 in one of he most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings of Budapest, this Museum includes French furniture, Italian majolica, XVII dresses, ceramics of Zsolnay.

The Museum of Contemporary Art
Also known as Ludwig Museum, it contains the personal collection of Irene and Peter Ludwig. It is located in IX district, in Komor Marcell sétány 1.

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The Transport Museum
It's one of the oldest transport Museum in Europe. Located in XIV district, in Városligeti korút 11, this Museum contains miniature trains, locomotives, cars and shows the history of the Hungarian Motoring, Shipping, Public Highways, and Budapest Transport.

The Hungarian National Gallery
The Gallery, in I district in Dísz tér 17, contains items from the Country Conquest to the present days.

The Hungarian National Museum
Located in VIII district, in Múzeum krt. 14-16, contains more than 1.000.000 items. Here there is an interesting exhibition of the Hungary History from the beginning to the 1990.

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The Museum of Fine Arts
This Museum, in XIV district, in Hosok tere, host temporary exibitions, mainly of contemporary arts.

The Jewish Museum
The Jewish Museum, in VII district, in Dohany u.2, next to the Synagogue, contains items from the jewish culture and it's also a memory of the Holocaust history in Hungary.

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