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Iglesias en Budapest

Churches and ecclesiastical collections

Matthias Church (I. Szentháromság tér)
The Matthias Church is in Buda, in I district, in Szentháromság tér. The King Bela III and his wife are buried here and here were crowned also some important kings of the past.

Saint Stephen's Basilica (V. Szent István tér)
The Saint Stephen's Basilica is in V district, in Szent István tér and it's the biggest church in Budapest. From the cupola, from a height of 65 meters, you can have a spectacular 360 degree view of the city. Inside, you can admire a very famous relic: the mummified right hand of Saint Stephen, who was Hungary's first King,. Princess Sissy went here several times.

Budapest Saint Steven's Cathedral

Dohány utca Synagogue
The Synagogue in Dohány utca, VII district, was designed by the famous architect Ludwig Forster. With its red and white brickwork, this is the biggest synagogue in Europe.

Budapest Synagogue