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Budapest apartments rent accommodation for holidays in Budapest. City center sightseen. City guide for your holidays in Budapest with Dunaflat.
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The Budapest blog

I decided to write this blog to help all those who have to organize a trip to Budapest.
Now in the Internet there are so many blogs about Budapest, but so often I read many inaccuracies, many approximations, some lies and ony few things that are really useful.
Here you will find some great advice about your trip, made by me that I live in Budapest and I am in love with the city an I want to transfer my passion to everyone. Budapest is a city that has changed my life forever and the least I can do is hope that someone else will happens the same thing.

For all these reasons, I decided to buy and rent my apartments in city center of Pest, and I will try in some way to give to each of you a part of me and my experience.